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The Beatles Sound
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Since forming in mid 1999, Stereotonics fast became one of the UK's leading tribute bands. 

With the same vocal style as Kelly Jones, lead singer, Paul, has fined tuned the sound of the band to make it as close to the real thing as possible.

Using the same guitars and wearing the same clothes, watching Stereotonics could almost be like watching the real Stereophonics! In fact, Stereotonics are the ONLY tribute that use the same (very expensive) guitar amp as Kelly Jones himself!

The Beatles Sound are the only active Midlands based tribute to The Beatles that have headlined on the mainstage at the World Famous Legendary Cavern Club, Liverpool.
The band have lovingly created a fantastic show of The Beatles music that celebrates all the hits of when the four lads from Liverpool shook the World into Beatlemania.
The attention to detail the band has put into the show is second to none. All songs are performed 100 percent live with no pre-recorded backing music exactly to the original records using all the iconic authentic Beatles instruments and amplifiers. Gone are the gimmicky wigs and costumes the show really is all about the music

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